User Guide for G.C.E. (O/L) Examination – 2022(2023) Application for Re-scrutiny of Results

User Guide for G.C.E. (O/L) Examination – 2022(2023)  Application for Re-scrutiny of Results

During re-scrutiny, multiple members of the Re-scrutiny Board thoroughly analyze the applicable answer scripts. It is noted that re-scrutiny may result in an upward or downward modification of marks or grade. The closing date 18.12.2023.

STEP 01: Log in to the Exam Information Center and Select “G.C.E. O/L Examination 2022(2023) – Application for Re- Scrutiny of Results”.

STEP 02:  Click on “Instructions” on the below title.

STEP 03: Read the instructions before fill in the application.

STEP 04: There are two ways of displaying your results.

1-After you logged to the system by NIC which was used to apply for the exam the details of your
results sheet will be automatically displayed.

2-If you logged by a different NIC instead of which was used to apply for the exam, then a
message prompts asking the Index Number.

#1- If the entered index number is correct

   #2-If the entered index number is incorrect.

STEP 05: Check whether your details are correct.  Check your Name, Index Number, Medium and Results.

If any of above details are INCORRECT, please inform School Examinations and Evaluation branch
immediately – 0112785231, 0112785681, 0112785216 .

STEP 06: Now select the subjects you expect to apply for Re-Scrutiny, then only button
becomes active, click on it .

STEP 07:  There are TWO different types of payment options.
To pay your application fee, choose ONLY ONE payment option.
Before choosing a postal payment method, watch the “See How Postal Payment Works” video.

#1-Pay by debit/credit card

#2-Pay by post office

STEP 08:  You can download your “Application for Re-Scrutiny of Results” after you have paid.

Download the PDF application and put it somewhere safe.

For further details :

School Examinations Evaluation Branch – 0112785231, 0112785681, 0112785216
Email Address –

For technical support :

Online Unit      –  0113671568, 0113661122
Email Address- doeonlineexams@gmail .com